New Maggid Shiur Joins Postville Yeshiva

Rabbi Mendy Karp has joined the faculty of Yeshivas Beis Shalom of Postville, Iowa, serving as a maggid shiur in the mesivta and infusing a new chayus in the learning of nigleh and chassidus.

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Rabbi Mendy Karp has joined the faculty of Yeshivas Beis Shalom of Postville, Iowa, to serve as a maggid shiur for iyun in shiur alef mesivta and chassidus in shiur gimmel mesivta.

Yeshivas Beis Shalom of Postville was founded by R’ Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin nearly two decades ago in response to the need for a local yeshiva in the growing community. Since then, the yeshiva has grown by leaps and bounds, expanding to include a Zal and a Yeshivas Kayitz summer program. Bochurim from across North America travel to spend the year in the yeshiva, taking advantage of the opportunity to study Torah with few distractions.

In recent years, the number of bochurim has ballooned, with close to 100 bochurim currently enrolled in the Mesivta and Zal programs. The large number of students led the hanhala to search for more staff members, and in the past few years, a number of new hanhala members were hired. As the student body continued to grow, Rabbi Karp was hired to join the yeshiva faculty as well.

“Due to the expansion of the yeshiva, there was a need to bring down more staff,” said menahel Rabbi Gavriel Levin. “Boruch Hashem, Rabbi Karp is infusing a new chayus into the yeshiva, in learning nigleh and chassidus.”

Rabbi Karp will be joining Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Shmuel Benshimon, menahel Rabbi Gavriel Levin, mashgiach Rabbi Koppel Zirkind, mashpia Rabbi Avrohom Katz, and the rest of the dedicated yeshiva hanhala, to help ensure that the bochurim are given the best possible environment for learning and growing, both b’gashmius and b’ruchniyus.

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