New Maamar Transcript Discovered

On Shabbos Mevorchim Menachem Av 5730/1970, the Rebbe delivered a maamar beginning זאת הארץ אשר תפול.

Although a hanacha (transcript) of that maamar is printed in Sefer Hamamorim 5730, it seems that the hanacha is incomplete. An reader recently discovered a different hanacha, which includes additional content. The transcript seems to have been written by Reb Yosef Weinberg, a”h, and we present it to you below.

The maamar discusses the reason why Eretz Yisroel was divided though the process of a goral (lots).  The Rebbe explains the conquering and settling Eretz Yisroel, means transforming our emotion and intellect to kedusha, and this needs to be preceded by kabolas ol – submitting to Hashem not just according to what we understand. This avoda of kabolas ol is represented by goral – as a goral is a means of deciding something not via logic.

One of the additions in this hanacha that is not in the printed version is that the Rebbe explains why the commandment to settle the land through a goral was said by Moshe, even though it was Yehoshua and not Moshe who led the Yidden into Eretz Yisroel to divide the land. Since Moshe’s avoda was kabolas ol, it was he who set the theme of the goral that was needed a prerequisite to settle Eretz Yisroel.

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