New Lubavitcher Cheder Blossoms in North Carolina

After years of having to choose between online school and sending their children away, a group of shluchim in North Carolina banded together to open a new Lubavitch Cheder for their children.

By reporter

Who would have thought that chassidishe chinuch could be found in North Carolina? The new Chabad Cheder of North Carolina is doing just that.

Over the last few years, central North Carolina has seen a huge surge of Shluchim moving to the area to expand and build Chabad Houses, and the obvious consequence is that an ever-growing number of kids need schooling.

Until recently, the only options were for the young shluchim to attend Online School, or to travel out of town for months at a time. With neither being ideal, the local shluchim banded together in search of a solution.

After discussing the possibilities, it was decided that the best option would be to begin a Cheder of their own…and they did!

And so, the Cheder of North Carolina was founded. Under the leadership of Head Shliach Rabbi Yossi Groner, the Cheder serves the children of the many shluchim in central North Carolina.

The Cheder began with the youngest grades, starting with only 5 children. Very quickly though, the Cheder doubled, tripled, and quadrupled and now has 25 children through second grade.

Children come every day from the cities of Winston Salem, Greensboro, Elon, Cary, Durham, Chapel Hill, and Raliegh to the Cheder, which is centrally located.

At first, the children were taught by local shluchim and shluchos. When the need for a couple to head the Cheder arose, the shluchim brought down Rabbi Gavi and Mushky Schwei to serve as lead teachers and to head the Cheder.

The new Cheder provides the children with the opportunity to learn in an authentic chassidishe enjoinment while enjoying an active social scene with their fellow young shluchim.

“It is beautiful to see the children learning Alef Beis, kriah and Chumash, all in a chassidishe avir,” Rabbi Yosef Plotkin, shliach to Greensboro told “The Cheder is filling a real need, and we are looking forward to seeing its growth.”

To help ensure that the young shluchim have a solid and reliable future, click here.

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