New London Shluchim Persevere Despite Rough Start

When Rabbi Dovie and Sarah Yiska (Jessica) Schochet moved as shluchim to Mill Hill East, London, England, the country was going from one lockdown to the next. Now, as the country begins opening up, they are hoping to expand their services.

Rabbi Dovie and Sarah Yiska (Jessica) Schochet, along with their children Chaya Mushka and Immanuel, have recently been appointed as the Chabad Shluchim to Mill Hill East, London, England by Hanholas Lubavitch of the UK.

Mill Hill East is an up and coming community with many hundreds of young Jewish families from all walks of life who are continuously moving to the area. There is a particularly large young professional presence, however there is no major Jewish infrastructure in place. It is also the home of the Jewish Blind and Disabled headquarters which currently houses 60 tenants, and there is a plan to shortly build a second center.

Under lockdown, the couple moved there in December and were quick at work to help the needs of the community.

With the small funding they managed to bring in, they hosted a Chanukah drive-in, arranged door to door megillah readings, Seder kits and weekly Challah giveaways.

Whilst it has been a very rough start with the various lockdowns due to Covid 19, the couple see this as a perfect time to kick off as restrictions begin to ease in the UK. They hope to advance their services through Torah classes, Shabbos meals and Holiday programs; Women’s circles and Mitzvah booths.

As is expected, the couple will need a strong financial backing to support all the outreach functions they will serve. Any donation you can give will bring you a tremendous merit and be very appreciated.

Please click here to donate.

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