New Law Could Save Matzah Bakeries from ‘Green Edict’

NYC’s ‘Green Edict,’ going into effect in three weeks, would require Matzah bakeries to install costly filtration systems to reduce emissions. A proposal by a Staten Island assemblyman to exempt ethnic restaurants would save small Matza bakeries.

By reporter

A NYC edict, going into effect in three weeks, on April 27, will require all wood and coal-fired ovens to be fitted with a powerful and expensive filter to reduce emissions. This new law will require matzah bakeries to install a costly filter that smaller bakeries may be unable to afford.

However, a law proposed by assemblyman Sam Pirozzolo, a Staten Island Republican, may save the matza bakeries. In an effort to protect small ethnic restaurants, he proposed that they be exempted from the green law.

“I’m trying to stop discrimination against ethnic restaurants. These misguided laws go against businesses that cook ethnic cuisine,” Pirozzolo told the New York Post. “A cop just got killed. People are getting thrown in front of subway trains. We have people dying from overdoses and a migrant crisis we didn’t ask for,” said the state lawmaker, implying that NYC should focus on more pressing issues.

This law will not make a meaningful dent in the carbon emissions coming from New York businesses, and come at a great cost to small local restaurants and bakeries. Pirozzolo’s proposed “Preserving Our Culinary Traditions Act” would exempt the burning of wood, coal, and other natural gases, to cook or prepare food from pollution restrictions.

This proposed law would be tremendously helpful to the many local matzah bakeries located across Brooklyn’s five boroughs, and save them from exorbitant fees for the specialty filter systems, which can run up to $100,000.

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