New Kolel Will Make In-Depth Chassidus a Reality for Many

The hallmark feature of any chassid is, as the name suggests, studying Chassidus. The new “Kolel L’lomdei Dach” will make doing so in a serious, organized, and ambitious available to many more.

The hallmark feature of any chassid is, as the name suggests, studying Chassidus. And in recent weeks, doing so in a serious, organized, and ambitious way has become available to shluchim and all Lubavitchers who wish to do so. Dubbed “Kolel L’lomdei Dach,” this new initiative from Merkos 302, offers a rare and previously unavailable opportunity to join a highly structured and curated program that will see participants cover a bevy of topics in Chassidus over the course of five years.

Following the success of the Kolel L’Rabbanei Chabad–another structured curriculum for Rabbanim and other higher-level students–Rabbi Betzalel Bassman director of the Kolel, started hearing murmurs of how great it would be if such a program existed for those serious about learning Chassidus. After all, who doesn’t want such a thing? But, for so many, there are various challenges: with such a vast sea of material, where to start? How can it be made relatable and pertinent for everyday life? And, of course, there’s the issue of accountability and sticking to the commitment.

Sitting together with Rabbi Mendel Chaiton and others on the Merkos 302 team, a vision was born: the Kolel L’lomdei Dach, an entire virtual Beis Midrash, complete with a Rosh Kolel, namely Rabbi Yosef Klyne, and regular maggidei shiurim on board. The kolel staff have selected thirty fundamental sugyos in Chassidus, each one to be learned over the course of six-to-nine weeks. For those who hang on for the entire ride, after five years, they will emerge with an astounding level of knowledge, appreciation, and connection to a huge corpus of Chassidus.

“As we celebrate the Rosh Hashanah of Chassidus it’s natural to get inspired to recommit ourselves to the study of P’nimiyus Hatorah,” said Rabbi Mendy Kotlarsky, executive director of Merkos 302, “we hope the Kolel will be a practical way to maintain the inspiration enabling us to immerse ourselves in the study of Chassidus in a sustainable and enjoyable manner.” 

The resources available in the kolel aren’t limited to the curriculum alone. A weekly recording from Rabbi Klyne serves as a “map” of the material for students, as well as another recorded “blatt shiur” in which Levi Paltiel, the Menahel Ruchni of the Kollel, skillfully goes through the entire weekly material. Guest mashpi’im will come on periodically to farbreng about the material as well, and there’s a lively whatsapp group for discussion and further learning.

Perhaps the favorite element of the kolel are the weekly shiurim from two beloved mashpi’im: one shiur in Yiddish from Rabbi Asher Farkash, of the Yeshivas Chabad Buenos Aires, Argentina, and another in English delivered by Rabbi Yosef Klyne, mashpia in the yeshivah in Nyack, NY.

“Until I learned from Rabbi Farkash, I did not appreciate Chassidus,” said Rabbi Shmary Gurary, director of development for Bnos Menachem, in Brooklyn. “Rabbi Farkash opened my eyes to its depth and beauty, instilling in me a newfound love for Chassidus. Rabbi Farkash’s ability to explain Chassidus with clarity and passion is unparalleled. Thanks to Rabbi Farkash, my entire connection to Yiddishkeit has been transformed.

“Rabbi Klyne’s shiurim on Chassidus were a game changer for me,” said Rabbi Sholom Moshe Paltiel, shliach to Port Washington., N.Y. “His ability to explain complex concepts with ease and his talent for using relatable examples made Chassidus come alive. Rabbi Klyne’s clarity and depth of understanding transformed my learning experience, making every inyan accessible and meaningful.”

The kolel begins on hei teves, Sunday, December 17. Participants are encouraged to commit to a minimum of three hours a week (ideally with a chavrusa). “My hope is that this kolel will achieve what the Mitteler Rebbe described about two chassidim meeting and discussing yechuda ila’ah and yechuda tata’ah,” said Rabbi Paltiel.

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  1. Rabbi Klyne has given me a chayus in chassidus when i was a bochur, and it has changed my life. For anyone looking for a real derech in learning, I highly recommend it.

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