New Issue of Heichal Habaal Shem Tov Released 

The 44th issue of the journal Heichal Habaal Shem Tov has been published in recent days. It is packed with scholarly essays on Chassidic thought alongside accounts of the ways of Chassidism.  

In recent days, the new 44th issue of Heichal Habaal Shem Tov has been published under the editorship of Rabbi Nachum Grunwald, rov of Anash in Lakewood. The issue presents the finest offerings in the realm of explaining and delving into Chassidic thought, alongside discussion of its history, personalities and seforim.  

The current issue features original articles in all the regular sections of the Heichal.  

In the ‘Treasures of the Heichal’ section, new excerpts are published from a farbrengen of the Rebbe Rashab on 19 Kislev 5664 (1903).  

In the ‘Wellspring of Chassidus’ section, a continuation is printed of an essay by Rabbi Nachum Grunwald on the process of Atzilus according to the Arizal in the thought of the Rebbe Rashab.  

A special section entitled “Shemen Lama’or” marks one hundred years since the passing of the Rebbe R. Shmaryahu Noach of Bobruisk, with fascinating articles connected to his teachings, as well as notes of a conversations from the seudos with the Magen Avos of Kopust.  

In the Darkei Hachassidim section, Rabbi Chaim Rappoport authors a lengthy, comprehensive essay: “On the Nature of Stories about Tzaddikim: Torah, Mitzvah or Mundane Conversation?”, Rabbi YY Dov Greenwald on “The Image of the Shin on Rashi Tefillin according to Chassidic Custom” and Rabbi Baruch Oberlander on a Halachic tradition from the Baal Shem Tov regarding the prohibition against eating a certain fish, and on preserving the mesorah of Yanover esrogim as grafted-free esrogim.  

In the ‘Around Chassidus’ section, notes are published of the chassid Rabbi Binyomin Rosler about Chassidic stories he recorded from R. Meir of Premishlan, R. Yisrael of Ruzhin, and other tzaddikim of his generation. Also published are notes by the gaon and chassid Rabbi Nissan Telushkin with traditions heard from the Frierdiker Rebbe and elder Chabad Chassidim in his generation.  

In the biographical section, Rabbi Shmuel Super publishes a biography of the early years of R. Hillel Paritcher.

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