New Interactive Series For Children: Tishrei With the Rebbe

Want your child to experience Tishrei with the Rebbe, up close? Join this new series by JEM, where they can be part of each special event of Tishrei, as it was witnessed by the Rebbe.

 Imagine being able to walk your child through the front door of 770, straight into the incredible sights, sounds, experiences, and life-changing memories of Tishrei with the Rebbe. JEM’s new series of the acclaimed ‘Good Night, My Child’ project aims to do just that.

With the nightly videos for children gaining increasing popularity, JEM is taking the project to the next level as Tishrei approaches. Children have always been at the forefront of these special Tishrei moments, and now your child can relive those experiences on their level.

Introducing ‘Tishrei Up-Close’: a new, innovative series that will immerse your child in the moments themselves using interactive and engaging videos. The series begins on Wednesday.

Each daily video, created especially for young audiences, will take viewers on a journey through 770, and will provide a vivid picture of Tishrei with the Rebbe. The beautiful videos and scenes will be narrated by children for children, adding an extra element of relatability and child-friendliness to the already popular nightly videos.

This project has been made possible by Rabbi Mendy and Shana Glick dedicating it in honor of the Rebbe, and made possible by the members of the JEM Foundation.

Give your child the opportunity to experience the majestic moments of Tishrei like never before. These videos will be released daily and available for free viewing all day on Click here to receive updates so that your children – and you – will never miss a moment.

‘Good Night, My Child’ is a nightly program featuring moments with the Rebbe in a child friendly manner. The program was launched in loving memory of the Shlucha Mrs. Henya Federman.

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