New Initiative Teaches a Mishna A Day

A new initiative by Rabbi Chanaya Hoffinger in coordination with Irgun Torah has been launched, teaching a Mishna every day in simple and clear English together with a visual presentation.

An amazing new initiative of a Mishna a day has just been launched. Learn a Mishna a day in simple and clear English with visual component within about 1-2 minutes!

Rabbi Chanaya Hoffinger of Gemara Academy in coordination with Irgun Torah launches a new daily Mishna initiative in a clear and visual presentation. 

There has been quite some excitement from those hearing about the new project.. as someone recently commented “what an opportunity for me to learn together with my young child a daily Mishna in about 1 minute!”

“Especially with the visual presentation of the highlighted words pronounced clearly it will help my child to reinforce and to brush up as well on his reading skills while learning a Mishna a day.”

So if you have been meaning to learn Mishnayos but just didn’t have the time and head to really do it.. this is a unique opportunity, very doable, quick, simple and easy! Literally spoon fed in a easy and understandable format. 

It is well known that the Rebbe and the previous Rebbes have placed special emphasis on Chassidim learning Mishnayos on a daily basis and being fluent in them.  Behashgocho just a few days ago while establishing this project we find in the Hayom Yom “Even ordinary Chassidim.. had a customary procedure that after davening Shacharis they studied Mishnayos.”

Another quote about the importance of Mishnayos from 21 Kislev Hayom Yom. “Learn Mishna by heart, each person according to his capacity, and then while walking in the street, review Mishna from memory; you will thereby merit welcoming Moshiach.”

This new project is being taught by the well known Rabbi Chananya Hoffinger which has many years experience in teaching and developed an amazing resource, Gemara Academy, teaching in a clear manner and well presented visual classes in Gemara as well as visual classes of sichos of the Rebbe.

Rabbi Hoffinger relates “My mother passed away on כ”א שבט and I was thinking what I can do לעילוי נשמתה. Because of my work in developing Shiurim in Gemara, Mishnayos, Sichos and other areas in Torah, it naturally came to me to use technology to create more classes לעילוי נשמתה.”

“I decided that I would make a group with my siblings and make a short and clear class on 1 Mishna each day and we would all learn it in her זכות. I started the day we got up from Shiva. Within the first few days my brother mentioned that he thinks it may be something that others would be interested in having access to as well.” 

This project was started from the beginning of Mishnayos, with Mesechta Brachos, and with time a person can learn Perakim, Mesecthos, Sedarim, and the entire Mishnayos.

The classes are clear and short, and in addition they have an audio and visual component.

Irgun Torah realized the potential for more people to join in this wonderful project and to promote, publicize and establish this resource to the public.. and as well to set it up as a daily podcast so that more people can tune in, learn and enjoy. 

Join the what’s app group to get the daily Mishna:

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Daily Rambam classes 1 perek and 3 perakim WhatsApp group:

As well there is the actual live daily shiurim available in Crown Heights, see for more info. 


Daily daf gemoroh shiur by Rabbi Fishel Oster taking place daily at 7:45 am at Merkaz Avreichim 466 Albany Ave. 

Available on YouTube Spotify and on WhatsApp group:

As well there is a Daily Chassidus shiur by Rabbi Fishel Oster taking place daily prior to gemoroh shiur at 7:15 am at Merkaz Avreichim 466 Albany Ave. 

Daily recording available on WhatsApp Group:

Weekly Torah insights by Rabbi Dubov from the Rebbe’s father Reb Levi Yitzchok.

The Daily chumash by Rabbi Mendel Yuzewitz clear and concise shiur:

If you have other initiatives of Torah learning resources that you may be interested in or would like to further promote you can email [email protected]

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