New Initiative Aims to Finally Expand 770

A group of Chassidim have begun an initiative to have 770 expanded…finally. R’ Levi Jacobson writes why he launched the initiative and what he hopes to accomplish.

By Levi Jacobson

From my earliest years my entire life is deeply bound with 770. I’ve seen the good, the better, and the ugly of 770, Throughout it all, I BH have found the ability to rise above its challenges and feel completely at home in 770. Crushed and squeezed but at home.

Thirty-one years ago, the Rebbe published Kuntres Beis Rabeinu Shebibovel. In it, the Rebbe teaches that 770 is Beis Rabeinu Shebibovel,[1] the place where the presence of Hashem rests since the destruction of the Beis Hamikdosh.

Hashem is in Golus with us and will return home with us, thus it is 770 where the Beis Hamikdosh is revealed first, and then will move to its final place.

The Rebbe called for the physical assistance and financial contributions of every single Jew in order to expand 770, similar to the law requiring every Jew to participate in the building of the Beis Hamikdosh.[2]

It is, therefore, natural that for the next thirty-one years, Klipa took a front-seat interest in disturbing this holy task.

Instead of accomplishing our mission, many of us have fallen into one trap or another. Traps such as: which signs are okay, let’s wait for the court case to end, prikus ol from wild bochurim, changing the Rebbe’s place, insane running the asylum, the properties behind 770, embarrassment for Chabad, lack of seder by the gabboim, lack of achdus, too much Yechi.

“When one finds extraordinary difficulties or obstacles, this in itself is often a sign that the thing desired is very worthwhile.”[3]

“The excessive humility of Rabbi Zecharya ben Avkolas destroyed our Temple.”[4] The mission of our generation ושכנתי בתוכם – בתוך כל אחד ואחד – is to undo the reason for the churban – misplaced humility, when one says, “מי אני ומה אני,” I don’t matter.[5]

To turn this around, one must realize that their actions do count, and each individual has the ability to bring about the rebuilding of the Beis Hamikdosh.[6]

Three years ago I started a petition[7] to expand 770, after which I managed to fall into the trap that now, I just need to wait for other things to fall in place, and when the time is right, the expansion will happen and then I will get involved along with everyone else.

Thanks to a few special people, who kept on urging me to do more, I finally got the strength to move forward and do what should have been done – continue with the efforts for expansion.

I am excited to announce that a new organization with the name Expand 770 Inc. has been incorporated with the purpose of promoting and encouraging the expansion of 770.

There will be no more, “I have done what I can, I can do nothing more.”[8]

“Whoever does not merit to witness the rebuilding of the Beis Hamikdosh in their time it is as if it has been destroyed in their time.”[9]

The Rebbe screamed,[10] “Imagine a Yid who in front of his very eyes sees that the Beis Hamikdosh is being destroyed, even the most cold, stone hearted person would turn over the entire world. קער א וועלט היינט!”

We can and must rise above all the traps, all the other issues that exist can be dealt with separately. Not even one day should pass that we do not expand.

Every Jew should be on board with expansion – 1. To realize the need to expand and that it’s the right thing to do now.  – 2. To be inspired to get personally and financially involved with promoting and encouraging the expansion.

The website has been launched to help everyone find the right initiative that excites them. Join us now and take an active role physically and a supportive role financially to promote and encourage the expansion of 770.

With Hashem’s help we will surely succeed and already today on the 4th day of Chanuka we will witness the expansion of 770 and the Chanukas Habayis of the third and everlasting Beis Hamikdosh together with Moshiach Tzidkeinu now!

Happy Chanukah and with much love,

Levik Jacobson

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  1. In my experience grassroots projects (with the guidance of personal Rabbonim and mashpim) is the sometimes the best way to start something. Once you start the big mosdos will come around to participating.

    Betzalel Bassman

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