New High-Quality Moshiach Curriculum for Kids

Over 85 schools participated in last year’s Tut Altz children’s curriculum. This year, they have created a new state-of-the-art curriculum on living with a Moshiach mindset. 

Tut Altz, a project of the Moshiach Office at Merkos 302, is launching a new session – bolder and better!

Last year, over 85 schools participated in the Tut Altz children’s curriculum. This year, our team has created a new state-of-the-art curriculum on living with a Moshiach mindset. 


What is it?

This curriculum is part of the worldwide “Tut Altz – Don’t wait!” initiative recently launched for Anash and Shluchim worldwide. From 11 Kislev to 11 Nissan, we will explore five fundamental and transformative themes based on five sichos from 5752, as we celebrate the 30th anniversary of that momentous year. Each theme will demonstrate how Moshiach is not only something we await but something we can already start to live now! 

How will we reach our goal of teaching children to live a Geuladike life? 

Each month’s curriculum is packed with almost two hours of curated and relevant content for the classroom or home learning written in a child-accessible language, divided into two, three, or four lessons for grades 3-6 (and adaptable for second and seventh grade as well).

The main feature is a color-coded learning booklet to help divide the lessons and for the students to understand the buildup of the theme. Each section contains translated sichah excerpts, questions, illustrated tidbits and stories, as well as separate review sheets. The lessons do not require prep time. Teachers can choose to teach it as part of the lesson alongside a slideshow presentation or give it to the students to learn b’chavrusa

In addition to the slideshow, our web page will provide printable and fun group activities. Once we have a critical number of schools signed on, we will launch an exciting incentive system with prizes and more!

Is this for families?

Absolutely! The material is designed to help any parent have the same experience with their children at home. This almost-no-prep-required curriculum, with its very intuitive structure, is the perfect fit for your family experience!

How you can get started:

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