New Haven Bochurim Tested on Full Masechta

After studying for the better part of a year, 24 bochurim from the New Haven Zal took a test on a full masechta, with the test taking upwards of two hours.

After studying for the better part of a year, 24 bochurim from the New Have Zal took a test on a full masechta this past week.

The bochurim, who are studying at Yeshiva Beis Dovid Shlomo of New Haven, each mastered a complete masechta of Gemara; 20 of the them completed the entire Maseches Kiddushin, and 4 completed Maseches Sukka.

The study and the test were part of a Mitzvah Torah, and were in addition to the regular yeshiva sedorim and studies.

After completing the masechta, the bochurim took a test on the full masechta in one shot, with the test lasting between two and three hours.

“It was a beautiful sight to see the bochurim sitting and reviewing the entire masechta in their heads as they toiled for hours over the test, culminating months of learning,” one hanhala member told

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  1. So proud of these bochurim! They inspire me everyday to become more connected to my Rebbe! Best yeshiva in lubavitch

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