New Hakhel Song Based on Rebbe’s Sichos

Listen: After months of painstaking work, bochurim Mendel Kantor and Hudi Safran have masterfully composed a passinate song on the meaning of Hakhel, geared specifically for children.

After spending months pouring through the Rebbe’s sichos about Hakhel, Shiur Gimmel Mesivta Bochurim Mendel Kantor and Hudi Safran have finally finished compiling all the information into a well-organized song in English, geared specifically for children.

Produced by Ari Sasonkin
Played by Mendel Gancz
Sung by Sholom Freedman



  1. Coming after shmitah a year of dedication,
    Learning torah has been our main occupation,
    A year when it was seen so clear, Hashem is in control,
    That we’re his servants and that he owns all.
    Now let’s take this inspiration, and draw it in,
    To the new shmitah cycle, which we will now begin.
    On Sukkos of the eighth year, many years ago,
    To Yerushalayim everyone would go.
  1. Men women & children gathered every Hakhel year,
    From far and wide, they all would take part in this atmosphere,
    To join and to celebrate, unite and rejuvenate,
    And boost yiras shomayim, every seventh year.
    So many neshamos which weren’t physically,
    By Har Sinai where Elokus was seen openly,
    At Hakhel they’d relive this, united just like they were there,
    On Chol Hamoed when they’d go, as the trumpets blared.
  2. The Beis Hamikdash destination, what a great sensation,
    The whole entire nation in one location,
    Right there in the ezras nashim – a miracle they all fit in,
    To hear the king’s proclamation. (Ayayay…)
    In a way that was so grand, the Torah was passed hand to hand,
    Up to the king, to read it from a special wooden stand,
    To accept Hashem’s kingship, it is Him we must worship,
    For we are all under His rulership.
  3. And even now in golus, when there’s no Beis Hamikdash,
    The Rebbe says this great mitzvah still applies to us,
    The main point of gathering, was to add Yir’as Hashem,
    So we could and should be making Hakhels just like then.
    Every Yid in their own way has some place they’re a “king”,
    Where they’re in charge, and they can make a Hakhel gathering,
    Every opportunity, can be a Hakhel unity,
    At home, at shul, your friends in school, and whole community.
  4. Like each Kohen years ago, a golden trumpet had to blow,
    To make sure that every single Yid would know to go,
    So too, every Yid today, has to use out his own way,
    Announce and spread Hakhel, don’t delay! (Ayayay…)
    Inform, declare, and publicize, repeat again and emphasize,
    No taking a break because you can’t be satisfied,
    The Rebbe clearly stated, you are obligated,
    To turn yourself into a Hakhel Yid!
  5. Men women & children gather in this Hakhel year,
    In our own ways, let’s each create a Hakhel atmosphere,
    To join and invigorate, unite and rejuvenate,
    And boost yiras shomayim, in this special year.
    Don’t stop after Sukkos, the Rebbe did declare,
    Now’s the time to bring Hakhel into the whole year,
    And through all this let’s hope that by the real Hakhel soon we’ll be,
    With Melech HaMoshiach, in the Mikdash Hashlishi!

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  1. Besides the Toichen, love how the lyrics flow into each other! Can see how lots of effort was invested! 👌
    Which camp did these Bochurim go to this summer? 😉

  2. Yasher Koach. May it be sung with chayus everywhere and encourage all yidden to celebrate, spread the word and bring Moshiach now!

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