New Girls Overnight Camp to Open in Utah

A new unique summer program, headed by Rabbi Dovber and Srula Chaiton will provide a niche for girls completing 6th, 7th, and 8th grades who enjoy nature and are adventurous in mind and spirit.

Rabbi Dovber and Srula Chaiton are opening up a unique program this summer in Utah. Called Camp Lechatchila Ariber, CLA is a place where girls will be challenged to “jump OVER”, both physically as we experience Hashem’s nature and b’ruchnius in our learning and connection.

CLA is providing a niche in girls camps. An overnight-travel hybrid program for girls who love the outdoors and nature and who are adventurous in both mindset and reality.

CLA is going to be a close knit, small group of only 30 girls. As these girls are standing on the precipitous of their teenage years and beyond, CLA strives to provide an empowering atmosphere where the girls will be involved throughout the day and running of the program. In an inclusive way, girls will be contributing with their talents, skills and teamwork. The learning and shiurim will be interest based so our girls really have a chance to connect to Hashem and our Rebbe in the most real and applicable way. 

The program will see trips such as hiking, rappelling, canyoneering, zip lining, white water rafting and glamping, as well as specialty classes to learn unique skills like pottery, cooking, dancing and art.

Registration opens Sunday, January 3rd at 12 pm PST.

Once applications are received, each girl will have a one on one video conference interview.

For more information, click here.

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