New Fundraising Course for Shluchim Begins Tomorrow

A cohort of new Shluchim will gather in Crown Heights this week for the third annual one-day training course designed to equip them with essential fundraising skills.

A cohort of new Shluchim will gather in Crown Heights this week for the third annual training course designed to equip them with essential fundraising skills. In the last three years this immersive workshop organized by Merkos 302’s New Shluchim Desk, has helped over 120 Shluchim demystify the complexities of fundraising and empower new emissaries as they embark on their missions.

“Starting out on Shlichus is usually the most difficult part, and new Shluchim are always looking for where to turn for advice and guidance,” said Rabbi Mendy Kotlarsky, Executive Director of Merkos 302. “We started this initiative to answer that call and empower as many Shluchim as possible to build Jewish communities worldwide and further the Rebbe’s mission of reaching every Yid.”

The one-day seminar will be led by Rabbi Elazar Green, Shliach, and founder of Grow Gelt Solutions, and is followed by 10 virtual classes over the next 10 weeks. The introduction seminar will happen on Thursday, July 4th, and again on Monday, July 8th for those who weren’t able to attend.

Participants will dive into a day-long series of interactive sessions and practical exercises, under Rabbi Green’s guidance. Complete with Chavrusa study of the Rebbe’s directives for fundraising, as well as practical real-world tips and tricks, the program ensures no new Shliach is left in the dark about how to fund their new calling in life. 

The seminar will begin by providing a clear, step-by-step roadmap for the new Shluchim. This session will focus on alleviating the anxiety of starting fundraising efforts by offering practical guidance and boosting participants’ confidence. Attendees will learn to master the Cycle of Gifts, covering identifying potential donors, cultivating relationships, making impactful gift requests, and stewarding these relationships for long-term success. Another session will delve into the nuances of securing major gifts, offering insights into identifying the right prospects and navigating the ask process with confidence and patience.

Shluchim will be trained to transform their approach to donor engagement, learning to invite potential donors to be part of a larger mission, and fostering greater enthusiasm and commitment. The seminar will address the inevitability of rejection in fundraising and provide strategies to maintain positivity and resilience, teaching participants to view rejections as opportunities for growth. 

Efficient time management is crucial for effective fundraising, and this session will teach Shluchim how to prioritize tasks and structure their days to maximize productivity.

Understanding the importance of donor appreciation, the seminar will explore why donors stop contributing and how to prevent this. By demonstrating the impact of their gifts through storytelling, Shluchim will build stronger, more loyal donor relationships. The training will be dynamic and engaging, featuring real-life examples, role-playing exercises, and opportunities for participation, ensuring that participants can apply what they learn in practical scenarios.

“The new Shluchim course was an incredible experience for me, I came away with incredible confidence and insight into the world of fundraising,” said Rabbi Mendel Lebovics from S. Petersburg, FL recounting last year’s course. “I came back to my Shlichus with a renewed vigor in my fundraising and have had incredible experiences since then.  The clarity to know the proper ways and the proper things to do has lifted a weight off my shoulders.”

Following the in-person workshop, participants will continue their training with 10 additional virtual sessions covering topics such as money management, compelling storytelling, interviewing skills, setting up recurring donation platforms, and managing difficult donors.

The Fundraising Seminar for New(er) Shluchim will take place 

Thursday, 5784 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM or Monday, Beis Tammuz 5784: 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM (breakfast and lunch included)

For more information and to register 

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