New Footage: The Rebbe’s Mincha, Moments After 770 Fire

Watch: On this day in 5752, a sudden fire broke out at 770. As the firefighters battled the flames, the Rebbe went to daven Mincha in the small Zal. Student Yossi Malamud captured the scene.

Exactly 29 years ago, on Chof Teves 5752 (1991), a sudden fire broke out at 770. As the firefighters battled the flames in Rabbi Leibel Groner‘s office, the time for Mincha was approaching.

Student Yossi Malamud, who lived just doors away from 770, rushed over with his handheld video camera to document these chaotic moments.

As the main Shul filled with heavy smoke, Mincha was held in the small Zal. Yossi stood on a table right near the Rebbe‘s place, capturing these unique moments on camera.

Mincha begins about 5 minutes into the video.

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