New Event-in-a-Box Will Mark the Rebbetzin’s Birthday

Following the success of the novel “Event-in-a-Box” initiative for Nshei Chabad groups around the world, the Moshiach Office is launching an upgraded edition to mark Chof-Hey Adar, the Rebbetzin’s birthday.

This past month, a novel initiative hit the market. “Event-in-a-Box ” brought an innovative and fully-prepared program to Nshei Chabad groups around the world. Following its success, the Moshiach Office is launching an upgraded edition to mark Chof-Hey Adar, the Rebbetzin’s birthday.

“Our first ‘Event-in-a-Box’ included everything needed for a Nshei Chabad coordinator to arrange a fun and informative program,” says Moshiach Office co-director Mrs. Gitel Naparstek, “the second will be even better. Based on user feedback, we added some new items, including a speaker.”

The Yud Shvat program (last month’s ‘Event-in-a-Box’) came with a customizable event program and decor ideas, a video, and a full-on program – including booklets and discussion prompts. Mrs. Blumi Rosenfeld of Pittsburgh, who led one of sixty Nshei Chabad groups around the world, shared: “We had a chavrusa style learning event and the women just loved the material that was provided. We resolved to learn the entire sicha before Chof-Bais Shvat, where we created another event just to review together.”

She added, “The event was beautiful and so easy to put together. The decor – I simply clicked on all the Amazon links provided and presto! We had a gorgeous room set up.” 

The upcoming “Event in a Box,” now available at, is based on segment five of the ‘Moshiach Mindset’ Tut Altz curriculum – this one called “Essence: I am, therefore I’m free.” The learning content is connected to Chof-Hey Adar and birthdays. “The moment you were born, Hashem told you then, ‘You matter’ – not because of anything you did, would do, or any other form of output. At the moment of birth, you simply “are,” and that’s all that matters,” expresses the program guide.

Much of this month’s program was adapted to be clearer and more accessible, based on advice given by those enjoying it. “It’s how we realized that arranging a speaker would be a great addition,” shares Naparstek, “Smaller communities were telling us that they don’t have access to a speaker. We thought: let’s arrange one for them!” This month’s topic will be introduced, in a fifteen-minute pre-recorded professional video, by Mrs. Chanie Kranianski, shlucha to the Upper East Side of Manhattan. The other two additions are an organizer’s guide and a “short on time” sheet to help women learn an abridged version of the content if they do not have the time to learn the entire booklet.

Naparstek also makes note of a new support email address ([email protected]), created specifically for its Women programs. Women, specifically group leaders, have been asking for help and sharing ideas. 

The program is 100% FREE. Those who register at receive a welcome email, a virtual box providing links to all materials. An additional option to purchase hard copies (with discounts for larger groups) is available and recommended. “I ordered the booklets and am so glad that I didn’t just print them out from a computer. They are beautiful!” says Mrs. Blumi Rosenfeld of Pittsburgh. 

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