New English Publication Gives Full Scope of Basi Legani

Ahead of Yud Shvat, Sichos in English is rolling out their reader-friendly Basi Legani compilation on Chapters 12-14, presenting the original Basi Legani Maamar and incorporating the insights and explanations by the Rebbe from 5723 and 5743.

The significance of the Basi Legani Maamar is apparent through how the Rebbe regarded this maamar as a source of nourishment for the neshama. Each year on Yud Shvat, the Rebbe would focus on one of the 20 chapters of the original maamar which the Rebbe Rayatz delivered. As the Rebbe reviewed one chapter of the maamar each year, completing nearly two cycles of the maamar, the Rebbe heightened chassidims’ understanding of the maamar, thoroughly explaining the topics brought down and deepening their grasp of the content.

As Yud Shvat approaches and chassidim learn the 13th chapter of the seminal, 20-part Basi Legani maamar, Sichos in English is rolling out their reader-friendly Basi Legani compilation. Though still in the production stages, Sichos in English has released Lessons in Basi Legani Chapters 12-14, an excerpt from the acclaimed Lessons in Basi Legani project.

Corresponding to this year, this Basi Legani segment expounds on chapter 13 with a bonus accompaniment of the preceding and following chapters, so studiers of the maamar can get the full scope of the concepts explored. 

The Lessons in Basi Legani excerpt presents the original Basi Legani Maamar of the Rebbe Rayatz while incorporating the additional insights and explanations as elaborated on by the Rebbe in both 5723 and 5743. This compilation embodies the overarching theme of the year — Hakhel. The original maamar coupled with the Rebbe’s elucidations spanning over forty years create a unification of ideas on Torah fulfilling the Rebbe’s vision of a Hakhel of Torah. 

True to the series design, Lessons in Basi Legani is a reader-friendly sefer which aims to make profound ideas comprehensible. The clear translations along with the extensive explanations and easy-to-navigate display bring me the esoteric ideas of Or Ein Sof and its extending influence into the world down to earth, anchoring lofty concepts and making them tangible.

With a limited number of hard copies available for purchase, Sichos in English is also offering an online version of the maamar which can be learned on the go, at your desk, or printed to share with others.

With an already overwhelming amount of positive feedback, the hope is that the Lessons in Basi Legani publication continues to further enhance its studiers Yud Shevat preparations, helping Chassidim worldwide expand their knowledge and understanding of the fundamental maamar Basi Legani.

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