New East Flatbush Mikvah Ready for Rainfall

Six months after completing the fundraising campaign, the Mikvah located in East Flatbush has been completed and certified ready to be filled.

Six months after completing the fundraising campaign, the Mikvah located in East Flatbush has been completed and certified ready to be filled.

The new Mikvah for local women, who until now had to walk Friday nights and Yom Tov nights, is the project of R’ Zalman Phillips, a local member of Anash who ensured this project would materialize.

With tremendous gratitude, unmeasurable thanks is owed to R’ Berel Lison the contractor (a local member of Anash community) who oversaw the entire construction from beginning to end, and the design committee headed by Mrs. Zylbernagel, also a community member.

The Mikvah itself was poured by R’ Shmuli Shuchat (member of the local Anash community), under the guidance and supervision of the world-renowned Mikvah expert Rabbi Yirmiyahu Katz.

This past Thursday, the final inspection of the Mikvah, the rainwater Bor, the Hamshachos and the roof took place, under the supervision of Rabbi Katz, who was also joined by Rabbi Yosef Braun (member of the Crown Heights Beis Din), Rabbi Yosef Holtzman (Rov of Cong. Lubavitch of East Flatbush), Rabbi Sholom Ber Shuchat (member of the Agudas Harabonim) and Rabbi Tuvia Kasimov (Moreh Tzedek – Beis Horaah of Crown Heights).

The Rabbis complemented the beautiful design of the Mikvah, the attention to detail, all the Chumros that were implemented, and approved the Mikvah for filling with rainwater.

Boruch HaShem, on Friday night, the first rain filled up part of the Mikvah, and with HaShem’s help the Mikvah will be up and running before Pesach. 

The Mikvah still has $50,000 remaining to cover its construction budget.

In addition, Mikvaos have a high maintenance cost. The Mikvah aims to keep up to the highest standards without putting the financial strain on the women using it.

It is a great zchus to support this Mitzva, and several people have told us about brochos and yeshuos they have seen after helping the Mikvah.

A $36 monthly donation with a minimum two-year commitment entitles the donor to their name on the honoree wall.

Tax deductible donations can be made by credit card at or via zelle, cashapp or PayPal: [email protected]

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  1. Wow, it’s looking gorgeous, please update when everything is finished. The community is lucky to have such dedicated and talented members. Much Hatzlocha!

  2. Is this mikvah located where the original, old, E Flatbush mikvah was? Or is this a completely new location?

  3. Wow great job Rabbi Phillips may you be blessed with Brochos Ad Bli Dei for this incredible undertaking. All the hours, days, weeks, months and years you spent Fundraising planning and implementing to make this project a realty can only be done with someone like you.

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