Newly Discovered Ma’amar is Fitting Tribute to Rabbi Sholom Jacobson

Following the passing of Rabbi Sholom Jacobson, a never-before published ma’amar of the Rebbe, transcribed decades ago, was discovered in his notes. Ahead of Shabbos, the ma’amar was published with a special dedication.

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From when he was a bochur, Rabbi Sholom Jacobson dedicated his life to disseminating the Rebbe‘s Torah. Even after his passing, his work continues, as a never-before published ma’amar was printed from notes he wrote at the time of its delivery.

Rabbi Jacobson was among the founders of Vaad L’hafotzas Sichos, which was created to prepare, publish and distribute the Rebbe’s sichos. For over four decades, he served as a member of the Vaad, doing his utmost to bring Likkutei Sichos and the other works of the Rebbe to the Chabad chassidim, and to the wider Jewish world.

The Rebbe recognized his dedication, and in a message passed on before Sholom’s marriage in Eretz Yisroel, Rabbi Mordechai Aizik Hodakov asked Rabbi Ephraim Wolff, who oversaw Chabad activities in Eretz Yisroel to arrange a special sheva brachos in his honor.

“Sholom Jacobson is a person who has mesiras nefesh for the distribution of the sichos and he is full invested in it,” Rabbi Hodakov relayed.

Amazingly, his life work continues after his passing, with a new ma’amar of the Rebbe discovered in his archives, over five decades after it was delivered.

The ma’amar was delivered by the Rebbe on Shabbos Parshas Re’eh 5728, exactly 53 years ago. For all those years, no transcription of the ma’amar was known of, and when the Sefer Ma’amarim was printed for the year of 5728, this ma’amar was marked as being missing.

During the shiva, a member of the Jacobson family discovered notes written by their father shortly after the ma’amar was said, transcribing the main points of what the Rebbe said. Upon their discovery, they sent the notes to Lahak Hanachos, which prepared a hanacha of the ma’amar, and published it ahead of Shabbos Re’eh.

The booklet, which will be distributed in Crown Heights shuls and sent out to thousands of digital subscribers, bears a dedication to Rabbi Jacobson and his lifelong work of publishing the Rebbe’s sichos. The dedication was given by the members of Lahak Hanachos, who witnessed his work, and many of whom worked alongside him for a number of years.

Click here to download the ma’amar.

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