New Podcast Brings Chassidishe Content to Kids

A new project by A Chassidisher Derher is bringing stimulating chassidishe content with all the drama, character voices, and sound effects to allow our children to experience life with the Rebbe in 770, hear stories of Chassidim, and much more.

For close to eleven years, A Chassidisher Derher has been a flagship Lubavitcher publication, allowing thousands upon thousands of Chassidim to gain a stronger hiskashrus and absorb powerful inspiration from our rich heritage. It’s been readily available for Chassidim worldwide.

But what about content specifically for the kids?

Of course, having a Derher at home already has a powerful impact on children. But there’s room for something more.

What better way to inspire our kids than top-quality, immersive stories made especially for them? 

So Derher has reached out to master storyteller, Rabbi Sholem Perl, and collaborated to bring stimulating chassidishe content with all the drama, character voices, and sound effects to our children. While they’re sitting in the car or lying in bed at night, they can listen, learn, and be invigorated.

Click here to listen.

The new audio will bring momentous events such as Simchas Torah with the Rebbe as well as Chassidishe stories to life. Your children will now be able to re-experience life with the Rebbe in 770.

In addition, it will cover Stories of Rebbetzin Chana in honor of Vov Tishrei, Personal stories of the Rebbe’s brochos after Gimmel Tammuz and how the Rebbe connects to us today, and so much more.

There are already 6 episodes available and more will be released periodically.

Go to Kids.Derher.Org for direct access or listen on your favorite platforms: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google podcasts and Anchor

Make sure not to miss any new content by signing up to be notified every time there’s a new release.

Sponsorship opportunities are available for upcoming episodes. If you’d like to sponsor an episode, please email [email protected].

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