New Daily Morning Kollel to Begin Seder Tomorrow

By reporter

The recent increase of shiurim and learning in Empire Shtiebel in Crown Heights has gone up a notch, with the founding of a new kollel, beginning this Tuesday, 3 Elul.

The maggid shiur and Rosh Kollel will be long-time marbitz torah and maggid shiur in the shul, Rav Shmuel Halevi Heber.

When reached by telephone, Rabbi Heber told that recently he had been approached by several yungeleit to increase the shiurim in the shul even more. “People today have more of a flexible schedule, Rabbi Heber said. “They either work from home and can start later, or their work hours are not the long, rigorous hours that work demanded,” he added. “Of course, there are those that are retired or semi-retired as well,” Rabbi Heber said.

“I agreed to the requests,” Rabbi Heber continued, “but only in the framework of a proper kollel, where there’ll be two hours of learning, one hour dedicated to iyun and one hour more to girsa, easier learning, like halochoh and novi.”

The idea of beginning with mesechta Kiddushin was because this is the mesechta being learned in Lubavitcher yeshivos this year, as well as it being an important and fundamental mesechta, Rabbi Heber added. “Fathers and zeides learning with their children and eyniklach will be familiar with the mesechta that is being learned, which will only increase in the child or bochur’s understanding of what he’s learning,” he noted.

The kollel leadership hopes that with time sponsors will see the advantage of the new kollel and will grab the zechus of sponsoring such learning, so that those who will attend full time will be able to collect a stipend as well.

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