New Curriculum Brings Chassidus to Kids

Morah Mushka Blau from the shluchim online school created a Chassidus for Kids curriculum to help bring the teachings of Chassidus to children through weekly PowerPoint presentations and mission sheets.

With lots of children unable to attend camp this summer, many parents searched for resources with which to keep their kids occupied during the long summer days.

Morah Mushka Blau, a sought-after educator and teacher at the Shluchim Online School, found the perfect solution, while instilling within them a Chassidishe Chinuch: Chassidus for Kids.

The all-new initiative includes a weekly Powerpoint Presentation of a Sicha of the Parsha, a worksheet with a summary of the Sicha, and a mission sheet to encourage making the Hora’ah of the Sicha practical in a child’s life. Occasional Tanya Powerpoints and Mission sheets are a part of the curriculum as well.

“I got so much positive feedback,” says Morah Blau. “Parents and teachers were asking me to continue sharing these materials even after the summer would end.”

She says the overwhelming response of encouragement is what prompted her to continue to provide these quality materials for the upcoming year. “One mother was excited to share her daughter’s beautifully done worksheet with me,” adds Morah Blau. “She messaged me, ‘My daughter shared the Dvar Torah of the week at our Shabbos table! It’s easy to teach and easy for her to remember the Sicha and give it over!’”

Chassidus for Kids brings the teachings of Chassidus to life for students in all primary grades. Morah Blau says, “Creating this curriculum brings me such joy, knowing that many children will be learning Chassidus in a fun and engaging way.” She hopes that these riveting presentations will give children clarity into the many areas of life which they begin to question.

With Chassidus as the foundation of a Yid’s life and beautiful lessons bringing the ideas of Chassidus into a child’s level of understanding, Chassidus for Kids is a must-have for every classroom and Chassidishe home.

Curriculum samples can be viewed here:

To subscribe to the free, weekly lessons via email or to join the Whatsapp Broadcast group, email [email protected] or WhatsApp “subscribe” to 347 263 1086.

L’ilui Nishmas Chaim Aharon ben Avraham Arye Leib

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