New CTeen Center in Israel is Inaugurated with a Farbrengen

A new CTeen Center opened in Zichron Yaacov, an Israeli town near Haifa. Shluchim, community leaders and teens gathered for the inauguration ceremony and farbrengen in honor of Gimmel Tamuz.

By reporter
Photos by Schneur Schiff

Zichron Yaacov, an Israeli town near Haifa, is now home to a new CTeen Center, inaugurated by Rabbi Yisroel and Shainy Shachar, CTeen shluchim under the leadership of shliach Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Freiman.

The beautiful center was built under the supervision of Rabbi Mendy Kanievsky and is well-equipped for classes, volunteer activities, youth events, chavrusa learning, Shabbat meals and much more.

At the inauguration ceremony attended by dozens of teens, shluchim and community leaders, Rabbi Freiman invited Rabbi Moshe Shilat, director of Chabad Youth in Israel, to place the mezuzah on the doorpost. Rabbi Shilat shared a few words about the Rebbe’s desire to reach the hearts of every boy and girl in the Holy Land.

Head of the council, Mr. Ziv Desha, was very impressed by the center and praised Chabad’s youth activities in the city.

Council Deputy Mayor Meir Vanunu told the boys that although he is not personally religious, he starts every day by putting on tefillin because it is impossible otherwise!

Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Freiman then farbrenged with the boys and told stories of the Rebbe in honor of Gimmel Tammuz.

Rabbi Elimelech Shachar, director of Chabad Institutions of Rechovot and father of the CTeen shliach, told the boys about how he managed to carefully keep halacha while serving in the IDF and how important it is to be a proud Jew wherever one may be.

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