New Course to Provide Parenting Tools for Chassidishe Families

A groundbreaking parenting course by Rabbi Michoel Gourarie will give Anash parents the practical tools to having healthy, chassidishe children – the dream of every parent.

Many parents today wonder how to raise happy, chassidishe children. It seems to be a constant struggle to get children to daven, learn and play nicely. How can we get our children to eagerly do the things that are dear to us?

Jewish parenting is meant to work. Torah and Chassidic tradition contain the guidance for raising healthy, chassidishe children. The challenge is to find these principles and to know how to apply them to everyday parenting situations.

Rabbi Michoel Gourarie of Sydney, Australia is a longtime Mechanech with years of classroom and leadership experience. In recent years, Rabbi Gourarie coaches parents and trains Lubavitch teachers worldwide towards successful chinuch. He is an expert at providing practical advice and guidance in dealing with children.

This new course, “Parenting – The Way It Was Meant to Be,” will cover both the principles and practices of chinuch according to the timeless teachings of Torah and Lubavitch tradition. Rabbi Gourarie will translate them into practical terms and apply them to real parenting challenges.

Topics will include common parenting struggles such as disobedience, sibling rivalry, participation in household responsibilities, davening, and participation in Shabbos seudos. The course will also touch upon fundamental dilemmas such as technology, peer pressure, and teenage challenges.

The five-part course will run on 5 Sundays, 8:30-9:45 PM Eastern Time. It will begin on Sunday, 19 Adar 1 – Feb. 20, and conclude on Sunday, 17 Adar 2 – March 20. At the end of each class, participants will be able to ask questions on relevant topics. Recordings of the classes will be available throughout the course to all participants.

Want to raise chassidishe children?

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