New Course Teaches Lubavitcher Shechita

A brand new course by ‘Machon Lemaan Yilmedu’ offers to learn all that there is to know about shechting a chicken – in just one year. Under the masterful instruction of Rabbi Chezy Posner.

There are many reasons why someone may want to become a Shochet. While some want to dedicate their lives to working in ‘Klei Kodesh’; others are looking to expand their Shlichus opportunities to places in which they need to do their own Shechita. Yet others wish to enrich their lives with learning in a way that fits their busy lifestyle and also offers the benefit of a monetizable skill.

No matter the motivation or incentive, “Machon Limud Halacha – Lemaan Yilmedu” has created a brand new Shechita course for those looking to learn all that there is to know about shechting a chicken – in just one year!

The laws of Shechita are complex and learning them will excite you, challenge you and inspire you to perfect the practice that requires absolute refinement, utmost control and delicate sophistication.

The Shechita course, as with all of the Lemaan Yilmedu courses, consists of a balanced curriculum containing live lectures, independent learning and hands-on training. The independent learning will be guided by a translated and elucidated version of the ‘Simlah Chadasha’ – the Sefer containing all of the halachos of Shechita as well as insights and directives given by the Chabad Rebbeim throughout the generations.

This special edition was produced by, and is exclusively for Lemaan Yilmedu’s Shechita Course. The publication is replete with translations and visual aids to ensure that every single detail of the complex halachos is crystal clear.

Under the masterful instruction of Rabbi Chezy Posner, a master of the craft, the students will learn how to choose, make, and care for their ‘chalef’, the most important tool in a shochet’s toolbox, and a crucial element to a kosher Shechita.  

Additionally, course participants will spend hours learning ‘in the field’. They will be given the opportunity to visit, practice, and perfect their Shechita in an actual slaughterhouse on live chickens.

Upon the completion of the course, all course participants who pass the written, oral and practical exams and who have demonstrated their proficiency in preparing the chalef, will graduate with a certificate of Hodaha and Kabbala from Rabbi Raphael David Banon Shlit”a, a member of the Montreal Beis Din and a renowned Shochet, and will be qualified and prepared to begin shechting their own chickens the very next day.

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