New Course Teaches Complex Laws of Shabbos Made Simple

Have you ever wanted to learn the complicated halachos of Shabbos in a simplified, applied manner? Lemaan Yilmedu is now offering a brand new, year-long course on Hilchos Shabbos.

Lemaan Yilmedu, led by Rabbi Zushe Wilhelm, was established to provide an opportunity to those who are interested in studying halacha in a way that works with their busy schedule, and now, the machon is pleased to offer a brand new track that will be covering Hilchos Shabbos.

Hilchos Shabbos is an area in halacha with so many intricate details, which can lead to many questions. Even someone who spent time studying Hilchos Shabbos is not likely to remember everything that they learned and how it applies in various situations.

Situations such as: Am I allowed to add water to a crockpot? Can I move the box of matches that is on the Shabbos table? I left my phone on my bed before Shabbos, can I sleep in my bed?

The participants in the Hilchos Shabbos track of Lemaan Yilmedu will explore the halachos of Shabbos in a way that they have never been taught before. Custom course materials have been created that provide translations and visual aids to ensure that all the minute details of the halachos are crystal clear.

The classes will take place once a week over the course of one year. They will take place live, in Crown Heights, with an option for out-of-town participants to participate via zoom.

The extensive syllabus includes: The 39 melachos, kiddush, havdalah, hadlokas neiros, muktza, eruvin, and more!

At the end of the year, each participant who passed all of the required exams will receive a Smicha certificate signed by 5 of the most respected Rabbonim: Rabbi Yosef Yeshaya Braun, Mara D’asra and members of the Crown Heights Beis Din; Rabbi Dovid Refoel Banon, member of the Beis Din and Dayan in the Lubavitch community in Montreal; Rabbi Yochanan Gurary, Rav of Cholon and member of the Beis Din of Rabbanei Chabad in Eretz Yisrael; Rabbi Gavriel Tzinner, posek and author of Nitei Gavriel, and Rabbi Dovid Schochet, Rav of the Chabad community and president of Agudas Ha’Rabbonim in Toronto.

If learning Hilchos Shabbos has always been something that you wanted to do but was always moved to the back burner because of this study’s complicated nature, check out the Lemaan Yilmedu Shabbos track. It just may be the perfect solution, and your key to turning this dream into a reality.

To learn more about Lemaan Yilmedu and to register for the upcoming year visit:

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