New Course Seeks to Demystify Hair Covering

If you’ve ever been asked why do married women cover their hair or wear wigs’ then this course is for you. Join a two-part series with Mrs. Esther Vilenkin, Shlucha to Chautauqua, NY, on understanding the why of hair covering.

Have you been asked “why do married women cover their hair or wear wigs?” and wondered how to respond? Have you been curious yourself about why and how we do this mitzva, why hair is treated differently after marriage? Were you aware of how strongly the Rebbe insisted on only wearing sheitels? Here is your opportunity!

Esther Vilenkin grew up on shlichus where this was a frequent question. Inspired by her mother’s meticulous adherence to this mitzva and the curiosity and confusion surrounding it, Esther decided to learn and share what she discovered.

Esther Vilenkin will captivate you as she presents a comprehensive, source-based approach to fully understanding this mitzva. She is considered one of the most knowledgeable women on this subject and her workshops are a must for every married woman!

She combines both nigla and Chassidus, halacha and letters of the Rebbe to highlight what the Rebbe emphasized about the importance of this mitzvah and the phenomenal abundant brochas, its adherence brings.

Chani Kalmanson, a kallah teacher in Crown Heights shares, “After listening to Esther speak about kisui rosh, I thought to myself for the first time ‘This makes so much sense!’ Before then, whenever I was asked why women cover their hair, I hemmed and hawed with discomfort, unsure how to answer.”

“After the class, I had such clarity, it all made sense and I felt confident and comfortable to answer any question related to this topic, especially to my kallahs. Esther uses the right sources and perfect examples and stories.  
I listened to her speak 3 times already and I can listen to her again and again,” Kalmanson said.

“Mrs. Esther Vilenkin, came to speak in our Chabad house and she did a phenomenal job,” says Mrs. Shuly Holtzberg, shlucha in Brooklyn, NY. “She engages her audience from the beginning by sparking their curiosity. She includes interesting facts and takes questions throughout the lecture. She is also approachable and open-minded, keeping her audience comfortable. We had a great experience with Mrs. Esther Vilenkin”

Fifteen years ago, a few months after her mother’s passing, Esther Vilenkin wrote an article on this topic, in tribute to her mother, for the Nshei Newsletter.

“I am working with N’shei Newsletter for over 40 years,” says Mrs. Rishe Deitsch, editor of the N’shei Newsletter. “We have never had an article have so many requests of people asking to see it again and to have it reprinted as much as this article. The article by Mrs. Esther Vilenkin is the most popular article we have ever published and I guess it shows that people are very interested in this topic and they want to understand it more. We are grateful to her for what she did. She ended up doing something very good for the whole Lubavitch.”

Come, learn and be wowed! Kisui Rosh with pride! The way HaShem wants and make the Rebbe proud!

This will be a two-part series over zoom. The first session will explore the background, origins and halachic matters. The second session will provide the Chassidic explanation for how and why the status of hair changes through marriage.

Session 1 will be on Monday, April 26 / Pesach Sheni. Session 2 will be the following Monday, May 3. Questions submitted at the first session will be answered at the end of the second session.

You can RSVP by clicking here.

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