New Course Lays Out Path to Peace

A new 4-part course by Rabbi Mordechai Wenger on Chabad-U teaches the art of cultivating trust and the transformative effects of trust on your life, where trust in Hashem is not just a concept but a way of being.

In this new four-part course, discover the profound teachings of ‘Chovos HaLevavos’, an ancient text that will take us on a journey into the heart of trust in G-d.

Uncover the art of cultivating trust as a skill, explore the nuances of building meaningful connections, and witness the transformative effects of trust on your life. Join us for a thoughtful exploration that goes beyond the surface, paving the way for a world where trust in G-d is not just a concept but a way of being.

Rabbi Mordechai Wenger, a graduate of the Rabbinical College in Montreal, is an esteemed educator and spiritual leader in Montreal, Canada. Rabbi Wenger brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to his roles as the educational dean at Yeshivas Tomchei Temimim Montreal, the Rabbi of the Oneg Shabbos congregation, and a lecturer at both the Bais Rivkah High School and Beis Chaya Mushka Seminary for girls.

To join the course, click here.

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