New Course for Mikva Operators Begins Today

Due to the great demand for halachic experts in the field of mikvaos, a new program by the Havineini Institute and Beis Din Rabbonei Chabad, is offering certification courses for Mikvah Supervisors and Construction Consultants.

By Mendy Henig

Mikvaos for both men and women are in demand of constant inspection to ensure their high standard of kashrus. There is great need for halachic authorities who are knowledgeable of the various opinions of the poskim and the general principles of hilchos mikvah.

The demand for halachic supervision and advice is increasing mainly due to recent momentum in the renovation and renewal of mikvahs to meet health standards as well as modern standards of desirability in interior and exterior design. There is a growing demand for halachic authorities who are proficient in hilchos mikvah on the one hand and informed regarding the many developments in the fields of construction, engineering, and architectural design on the other. Those capable of solving the many complexities that arise from modern mikvah related issues are very much in demand.

Due to the great demand for halachic experts in the field of mikvah, as well as the desire of many shluchim and community rabbis to establish new mikvaos or to inspect the halachic standards of their existing mikvah, the “HAVINEINI” Institute is launching a certification course for “Certified Mikvah Supervisors” and “Certified Mikvah Construction Consultants” in collaboration with “The Center for Chabad Mikvaos” under the auspices of “The Rabonei Chabad Beis Din” and in collaboration with the “Taharem” organization.

The certification course will certify you to offer supervision and consultation in the construction of a mikvah, as well as halachic examination to determine its acceptance according to halacha and the stringencies of Lubavitch hidurim. The course will impart comprehensive knowledge of the laws of mikvah as well as practical guidance in the construction of a modern mikvah. The course seeks to train community rabbis, shluchim and Chabad house administrators to supervise the construction of a mikvah or to examine the kosher status and halachic integrity of an existing mikvah. Throughout the course you will study the Tur and Shulchan Aruch and Poskim, Rishonim and Acharonim to acquire proficiency in ruling on the kashrus of a mikvah in complex circumstances.

The course is divided into 2 parts:

The first part focuses on the halachic foundations and practical implications of questions that arise in the field. The 16 virtual lessons will be delivered with accompanying study material, images and textbook to aid learning the material. Study will concentrate on the relevant sections of Shulchan Aruch and Tur and the early and late Poskim.

“Certified Mikvah Supervisor” Course Program:

Fundamentals of the Halacha and practical rulings – Rabbi Sholom Ber Shuchat.

Technology and design – Rabbis Elazar Raichik and Gershon Grosbaum, mikvah experts and contractors.

Operation and maintenance – Expert specialists from the “Taharem” organization.

Inspection and supervision – Rabbi Glukovsky, Head of “Center for Chabad Mikvaos” and international expert on mikvah related matters.

At the completion of the training, participants will be examined. Those who successfully pass the examination will be certified as “Certified Mikvah Supervisors.”

The second part of the course focuses on mikvah construction and consultation.

In this course, emphasis will be placed on managing a mikvah project and the related halachic and practical aspects. This part of the course is intended for those who studied the laws of mikvah and gained knowledge on the fundamentals of halacha and are now interested in furthering their knowledge in the practical applications of the architecture, engineering, and construction of a mehudar Chabad mikvah. Each of the 6 sessions will take place in virtual online classrooms and are accompanied study aids including presentations and a textbook.

Course program:

Engineering and Development – Rabbi Elazar Raichik, mikvah expert and contractor.

Architectural design – Gershon Grosbaum, mikvah expert and contractor.

Practice – Rabbi Levi Yitzchok Raskin, Rav and Dayan, London.

Those who pass the final exam of the course, will receive certification as a “Certified Mikvah Construction Consultant”.

– Does planning and building a mikvah and confirming its halachic status, interest you?

– Do you have a mikvah that you are interested in ensuring its kashrus?

– Do you want to acquire the tools to oversee mikvah construction projects or to make a career change?

– Would you like to support the future of Taharas Hamishpacha in your community or country?

Register for the course now!

Places are limited – first come, first served! For more information contact Havineini Institute.

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