New Children’s Podcast Features Bits about the Rebbe

Children worldwide are preparing for Yud Alef Nissan with MyShliach’s new Hachana podcast featuring a daily 5-minute audio clip about Rebbe and Hiskashrus.

Join children worldwide as we prepare for Yud Alef Nissan every day with a 5-minute audio clip about Rebbe and Hiskashrus, whether you are driving to school, are getting ready for bed or eating dinner spend five minutes by listening to our Yud Alef Nissan Audio Hachanah program.

This podcast is produced periodically by MyShliach for Yaldei Hashluchim worldwide and due to its success is now being made available to the broader Anash community.

Every day your children can listen to a 5-minute Podcast on WhatsApp or on Spotify, and learn about interesting topics about the Rebbe’s life and leadership, covering the Rebbe’s birth, the writing of Hayom Yom, the Rebbetzin’s secret trip to Paris, the story behind the Gulf War, and much more.

The first podcast about the Rebbetzin’s secret visit to Paris is being aired today – Tuesday, 25 Adar, in honor of the Rebbetzin’s 120th birthday.

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Listen to today’s episode:

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