New Children’s Library to Be Built in Memory of Baby Ita Bistritzky

The campaign to build a new children’s library in memory of Ita Bistritzky a”h, who tragically passed away at only 3 months old, has reached 60%. Please take part now.

On the night of Yom Kippur 5783, the holiest night of the year, the precious neshama of Ita Bistritzky ascended to Heaven, a short 3 months after it descended to our world.

How does one react in the face of such a tragedy? What can one do or say when watching a brother, a friend, a colleague, saying farewell to their child whom they welcomed just weeks previously?

There is no answer.

But there must be a response.

Ita’s memory will be kept alive.

A new children’s library will be built to service the New Haven Chabad community, one of the fastest growing Chabad communities in North America. The library, named ‘Ita’s Library’, will be a living memorial to Ita Bistritzky.

Each time a boy or girl borrows a book from the library, each time a parent will be able to give their child a wholesome book with authentic Jewish values, each time a kid will choose to curl up and read about one of our Rebbeim or their chassidim, they will be paying tribute to Ita a”h.

Yes, Ita’s memory will be kept alive.

The campaign has reached 60%. Please help us reach our goal.

Click here to donate.

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