New ChatGPT Plugin Provides Chabad Information

A new ChatGPT plugin, created by Lubavitchers, provides information about Chabad Centers and events worldwide. The creators say it is the first-ever Jewish plugin for ChatGPT.

A new ChatGPT plugin, created by Lubavitchers, provides information about Chabad Centers and events worldwide.

The plugin was created by ‘Reshape Creative,’ a digital company that offers shluchim services in the world of digital presence. According to the creators, the new plugin is the first of its kind and is also the first-ever Jewish plugin for ChatGPT.

The plugin is built on’s Chabad Centers API, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information. “This plugin is a testament to how AI can further empower the remarkable outreach activities of Chabad, connecting more people to their local centers than ever before” said Shneur Novack, who leads Reshape Creative.

The launch of this new plugin signals an innovative step for Chabad outreach, the creates said bringing it into the new and exciting realm of AI. “By integrating AI into our outreach efforts, we are not only modernizing the way we connect, but also enhancing the depth and reach of our community engagement. This is a remarkable stride forward in leveraging technology for Chabad outreach.”

ChatGPT plugins are an exciting new development in the world of artificial intelligence. These plugins are powerful tools that extend the capabilities of ChatGPT, making them more versatile and helpful to users. They enable users to tailor the AI’s functionality to their specific needs, and are rapidly becoming a popular way for organizations to leverage AI technology. With the new Chabad plugin, Reshape Creative has shown how these plugins can be used to enhance community outreach and engagement, setting the stage for more innovative uses in the future.

Unfortunately, at the moment plugins are only available to ChatGPT Plus users but they should roll out to all users in the near future.

The innovation doesn’t stop here. Reshape Creative is currently in the process of developing a suite of Jewish ChatGPT plugins that are set to launch in the near future. Among these exciting additions include a Chumash plugin, a Zmanim and Shabbos times plugin, among others.

Shneur Novack shared his enthusiasm, “We’re excited to be expanding our suite of Jewish plugins. From Chumash study to keeping track of Zmanim and Shabbos times, we’re committed to integrating this new technology into Jewish life in a meaningful and impactful way.”

To find the Chabad Centers plugin, simply search for “Chabad” in the ChatGPT plugin store.
This plugin is still in beta and we would appreciate any and all feedback.

Learn more about Reshape Creative and their projects at

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