New Chassidus Podcast Will Nourish Your Soul

“Chassidus to Nourish Your Soul” is a new podcast given by Rabbi Shmuel Zirkind, Shliach in Cote St. Luc, Quebec, and teacher in Mesivta Kerem Menachem, Montreal.

“Chassidus to Nourish Your Soul” is a new podcast given by Rabbi Shmuel Zirkind, Shliach in Cote St. Luc, Quebec, and Ra”m in Mesivta Kerem Menachem, Montreal.

For the past 12 years Rabbi Zirkind has been giving Chassidus classes in the Mesivta as well as in the Beth Chabad. He has always had a passion to teach Chassidus. He has now taken this to the next level by starting a podcast to share these concepts with whole world!

‎לכשיפוצו מיינותיך חוצה” is one of the core ideas that defines Chabad Chassidus. It’s not sufficient to study Chassidus on your own and with your immediate surroundings. Rather, we need to spread Chassidus outward, to every corner of the world. The Rebbe teaches that we need to harness all mediums to spread Chassidus, including modern technology. Now, with the internet, Chassidus has been spread on whole new level. However, we can never be satisfied with what was done until now. We have to find every way possible to spread and teach Chassidus. Podcasting is now a fairly new platform to share information. “Chassidus to Nourish Your Soul” is now using this platform to spread these teachings to those that use this forum.

The concept of this podcast is to take ideas, primarily from the Rebbe’s Maamarim and Sichos, and condensing them into episodes 5-10 minutes long. Now, anyone can get a short Chassidus boost to help start their day on the right foot.
When one studies Chassidus in the beginning of the day, he has the attitude to enable him to conquer any challenge that he may encounter that day. It brings to a conscious recognition that Hashem is involved in everything and is controlling everything that happens to you.

May we merit very soon to the fulfillment of the promise of Moshiach לכשיפוצו מיינותיך חוצה אתי מר דא מלכא משיחא that with the spreading of Chassidus to the farthermost places, Moshiach will come now!

You can listen on any of your favorite podcast platforms including SpotifyGoogle Podcasts, and Apple Podcasts.

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