New Chassidus Curriculum for Girls Free for all Mechanchim

A new curriculum created to teach 4th-8th grade girls about a wide range of chaddishe topics through the “chassidishe Aleph-Beis” is now available to all mechanchos for free

Are you a principal or teacher planning for next year? Are you looking for a great Chassidus curriculum for older elementary and middle school girls?

Are you looking for an organized way to teach your 4th-8th graders about a wide range of Chassidishe topics? The new Chassidishe Alef-Beis curriculum may be just what you’re looking for!

“Chassidishe Alef-Beis” includes 22 lessons- one Chassidishe topic for each letter of the Alef-Beis- with activity ideas, scrapbook pages, and classroom decor for each lesson.

This original curriculum was compiled for and piloted at, Sacramento Jewish Academy. Boruch Hashem, the students loved “Chassidishe Alef Beis” and expressed great feedback!

Now, this curriculum is being made available (at no cost!) to all Mechanchos.

The goals of this curriculum are for students to gain a love and appreciation for Chassidus, get familiar with Chassidishe terminology and basic Chassidic topics, and take the messages of Chassidus to heart, one step at a time.

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