New Chassidus Center to Open in Upstate New York 

A generous donation from Reb Shneur Minsky enabled the establishment of an Ohr HaChassidus Center in upstate New York to promote the teachings of Chassidus.

Ohr Hachassidus is an organization that has been committed for the last 20 years to disseminating the teachings of Chassidus among Yidden from diverse backgrounds. After years of distributing dozens of publications of Chassidus, Ohr Hachassidhasus has taken a significant step forward in advancing its mission.

Through the invaluable support of a dear friend and supporter of the Moised, Reb Shneur Minsky, a new property has been acquired in Monticello, Upstate New York, where Machon Ohr Hachassidus will continue its crucial work of spreading Chassidus.

The newly acquired Chassidus center, centrally located at 159 E Broadway, Monticello, NY 12701, is poised to open its doors this summer. The 4,900 sq ft center will offer an enriching experience to the hundreds of Yidden who spend their summers upstate, allowing them to delve into the teachings of Chassidus.

The center will be home to a Chassidus library, curated to cater to Yidden of all backgrounds. Here, visitors will have the opportunity to explore the extensive collection of Sifrei Chassidus, providing a space for deep learning and personal growth. Whether one wishes to peruse the shelves, purchase their own copies, or borrow these Seforim, the center warmly welcomes all to engage with the teachings of Chassidus.

Furthermore, the Chassidus center will serve as a vibrant hub for Chassidus, providing a comfortable space to learn, attend Shiurei Chassidus, and participate in Farbrengens. Yidden from all backgrounds and communities will be able to partake in the teachings of Chassidus.

This project is being developed in collaboration with the Baderech Kids Summer Library, a mobile library initiative catering to children in Upstate Bungalow Colonies. With the establishment of this new Chassidus center, the Baderech Kids Summer Library will now have a permanent base while continuing to serve the local bungalow colonies.

Thanks to the generosity of Reb Shneur Minsky, Ohr Hachassidus is taking a significant stride towards its goal of reaching and impacting more lives with the teachings of Chassidus. The new center upstate will provide a welcoming and inclusive environment where Yidden from all walks of life can connect with the wisdom and beauty of Chassidus.

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