New Chabad Presence Is an Oasis in the Negev

Rabbi Dovid and Mushky Ginsburg (nee Shechter) recently moved on Shlichus to a new, vibrant, and pastoral village Northeast of Be’er Sheva.

Rabbi Dovid and Mushky Ginsburg (nee Shechter) recently moved to the new, vibrant, and pastoral village of Carmit in Southern Israel, that mostly consists of young, professional families.

Dovid, originally of Myrtle Beach SC, and Mushky of Kiryat Shmuel Haifa, bring their collective shlichus experiences to the fore in bringing the Rebbe’s message of Yiddishkeit and Ahavas Yisroel to every Jew in Carmit. 

“In just a year since we first arrived, we have become an integral part of the incredible community of over 600 families, with weekly Shiurim, farbrengens and events that attract the entire community,” Rabbi Ginsburg relates. 

A special area of focus is the youth of Carmit. “We see the tremendous potential and thirst that the teenagers have to learn and experience authentic Yiddishkeit. 

In the past year I have prepared almost a dozen youths for their Bar Mitzvahs, and we maintain and build on that connection with Shiurim, parties and shabbatons throughout the year.”

“Just recently one youth related that he hadn’t missed one day of Teffilin since his Bar Mitzvah thanks to our learning, and others started wearing yarmulkes in public school. One student pursuaded his entire family to walk over 40 minutes to keep Shabbbos after experiencing an authentic Shabbos we hosted for the youth”.

The Ginsburgs were appointed by Rabbi Shneur and Faigy Kurtz of Chabad Meitar.

Your participation will enable them to continue and expand their important and inspiring work in Carmit. With just three days left to their end-of-the-year campaign, help them reach the finish line!

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