New Chabad of Israel Division for English Speakers

Chabad of Israel has announced a new division of Tzach for English speakers directed Rabbi Mendel Wuensch, with Rabbi Yitzchack Noyman as a member of the executive committee.

May your Aliyah have a Neshamah!

Chabad of Israel has announced a new division of Tzach called “Chabad of Israel for English Speakers” under Rabbi Naftali Lipskar, which will be directed by Rabbi Mendel Wuensch, with Rabbi Yitzchack Noyman as a member of the executive committee.

This initiative already began with a meeting in Tzach headquarters in Kfar Chabad incorporating the input of the shluchim already on the ground in Israel catering to the English speaking communities. A tremendous Yasher Koach to all of them for coming out and getting this integral mission off and running. 

The Chabad for English Speakers of Israel Action Starter Plan:

Based on the current team of English-focused Shluchim’s suggestions, these will be the first purposes of this new department, to be implemented immediately:

1. Establishing an active forum through e-mail/whatsapp messenger to formulate customized plans of activity for the holidays and various times of the year.

2. To welcome Anglos who move to Israel and help them get settled in, continuing the connection with Chabad they have with shluchim in Chutz La’Aretz.

3. To bring JLI programming to the English speaking communities here in regards to the learning materials as well as connecting the people here to the international Shabbatons. This will aid in cutting the costs of obtaining their material as well. Rabbi Noyman has already begun working on this.

4. To arrange national Shabbatons for English speakers in Israel with educational programming to unite the current Chabad community of Anglos and reach all other Anglos without a Chabad that caters to them yet as well.

5. Arranging more shluchim to be brought down for the English speaking communities. This will help the shluchim here in Israel find the candidate that works best for them and ensure it works for both parties smoothly.

6. To provide a wider range of Torah lessons available for higher level, more observant communities as well as more beginners level for those in less observant areas.

7. Provide subsidized counseling and mental health care to those who make Aliyah to help with anxiety, marital distress and children’s care.

8. We will work on the weekly publication to make it more tailored to English speakers.

9. To work with Rabbi Vilenkin to tailor the graphics from Tzach for English speakers.

We would like to emphasize that Rabbi Mendel Wuensch will continue full force in his current role as Rabbi of Congregation Tefilat Yamim in Netanya and Shliach for English Speakers of Ir Yamim & Poleg, Netanya.

Rabbi Mendel Wuensch – +972-53-8809063 – [email protected]

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