New Chabad House to be Built in Response to Boston Stabbing

In response to the vicious stabbing attack on Boston Shliach Rabbi Shlomo Noginsky, the Shaloh House will be launching a new Educational Center in Brighton, fulfilling Rabbi Noginsky’s longtime dream.

What’s the Jewish response to anti-Semitism and hate? Jewish pride and love – it’s the secret to our resilience and endurance! That’s why the best revenge against the savage attack on Rabbi Shlomo Noginsky on July 1 outside Shaloh House Jewish Day School, is to do even more to build Jewish identity and Torah values.

Chabad Shaliach Rabbi Noginsky moved from Eretz Yisroel to Boston to teach Torah and build a community. When threatened with a gun, he instinctively and heroically drew him away from the school where 100 children were enjoying summer day camp, running to a nearby park where he was stabbed 8 times. Now, let’s answer this anti-Semitic hate-crime with resounding love. 

We are raising $500,000 to bring to fruition Rabbi Noginsky’s dream to open a Jewish Educational Center in Brighton to house students, provide rabbinical training and offer local Russian speaking families online, on-site and one-on-one learning.

But he will need rehabilitation, therapy and possibly further surgery to recover from his painful injuries and regain the use of his right arm. Until then, he is unable to support his wife and 12 children. Let’s be his strength and his right arm.

For every knife wound, let’s empower Rabbi Noginsky to take a young student through full rabbinical training so that 8 new rabbis will shine their light to conquer the darkness.

Turn trauma into triumph, turn darkness to light, turn anti-semitism into Jewish pride.
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