New Chabad Girls High School to Open in Baltimore

A new Chabad Girls high school will be opening in Baltimore, Maryland for the 2021 academic school year, servicing grades 9-12, with a student body of local, national, and international students.

Bnos Chana joins an ever-growing infrastructure that has been fueling the growth of the Chabad community. Opening just in time for the 2021 academic school year, Bnos Chana will service Grades 9-12, with a student body of local, national, and international students.

Bnos Chana is founded upon the belief system that every single person has a unique purpose in life. In order for each student to tap into their potential, Bnos Chana provides an environment that is warm and understanding during these formative years. Every aspect of  Bnos Chana has been built around creating an environment that allows students to develop a purpose-driven awareness towards their Yiddishkeit and Chassidishkeit. 

Bnos Chana has a talented team of educators who have worked hard to intentionally create a Chassidishe learning environment that is inclusive, developmentally anchored, and growth-oriented. Bnos Chana will provide a meaningful, sequential academic program that builds on the knowledge, skills, and experiences of successive grade levels while introducing developmentally appropriate strategies, concepts, and approaches.

Throughout high school, students of Bnos Chana will be challenged creatively and intellectually, while simultaneously guided in the development of personal character and concern for others in accordance with the values that our Rebbeim have instilled. Classrooms will be part of a thriving school community where students feel valued, intrinsic motivation is nurtured, and learning happens through collaborative problem-solving. 

Bnos Chana’s School Leadership Team is responsible for providing instructional leadership and developing, implementing, and evaluating school systems and policies. The School Leadership Team plays a critical role in improving the learning environment and overall academic success of the students, with the goal of creating a meaningful learning environment for all. Together, our School Leadership Team is dedicated to creating a nurturing environment to ensure that students feel comfortable and supported in the academic and social-emotional aspect that is paramount to their learning. We have partnered together with Rabbonim and Mashpi’im to ensure Chassidishe growth within each and every student.

The School Leadership Team consists of: Head of School – Mrs. Stacy Bendet, M. Ed, Curriculum Coordinator – Chaya Zirkind, M. Ed, Mechaneches – Mrs. Racheli Klyne. Advisory Board: Educational Advisor – Rabbi Levi Nejar Rabbinic Advisor – Rabbi Shmuel Gurary

Bnos Chana will allow students to actualize success within the classroom and in their extracurricular program, enabling students to actualize their talents and potential beyond the high school years. This is for the goal of graduating students to live a life fulfilling their mission. Bnos Chana has set times within the week for informal discussion-based classes to enhance students’ understanding about higher education as a means to a life of Shlichus and in making the world a Dirah Bitachtonim. 

Located in the heart of the Jewish community of Baltimore, Bnos Chana will capitalize on their prime location to give students a holistic integration into the frum community, partnering with local girls high schools to provide meaningful social interactions for students in the dormitory. Bnos Chana will harness talent from within the community to ensure that students living in the dormitories have their evenings filled with productive activities and skill-enhancing experiences.

Bnos Chana will be accepting students for its school and dorm for the first year. Registration will be open after Chanukah. For more information, e-mail [email protected]

To learn more about Bnos Chana and to explore our curriculum, click here.

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