New Car Menorah Upgrades Chicago’s 25-Year Tradition

The newest new car top menorah design debuted at Annual Chicago Menorah Parade. The menorahs don’t require straps to connect to the car and are more lightweight and durable than any model before it.

This Chanukah marks the 23rd year that Lubavitch Chabad of Illinois has been making Car top menorahs to help spread the lighting of Chanukah across the country.

Originally the menorahs were built entirely by hand with wood and PVC piping, maintained and fixed over the years. A decade later they were all replaced with more modern metal menorahs.

Now in its third decade, all of the menorahs have been upgraded to the new and improved Gr8nes Menorah. These Car-top Menorahs are lightweight, durable and do not require any straps to secure them to your car. Most importantly they are beautifully noticeable.

The new model of car top menorahs were all used at Lubavitch, Chabad of Illinois’ annual menorah parade over 100 cars paraded throughout the city ending up at famed Logan Square for a giant Menora lighting, complete with donuts, hot sizzling latkes and hot chocolate.

Rabbi Yosef Moscowitz executive director of Lubavitch Chabad of Illinois commented on the bright lights and how they dispel the darkness: “Everybody loves to bemoan the rise in anti-Semitism and about all the negativity going on in the world, one of the messages of Hanukkah is that a little light, dispels a lot of darkness.”

Ari Lissner famed, rap musician and spoken poetry performer entertained the brave souls who withstood the winter night.

The Menorah parade and lighting kicked off a week, full of activities, menorah lightings with dignitaries, gelt drops, and other wonderful Hanukkah events throughout the more than 50 centers of Lubavitch, Chabad throughout the state of Illinois. Events spanned as far north as Gurnee to, as far south as Carbondale, and the message of the menorah resonated throughout the state.

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