New Book Shares the Rebbe’s Counseling For Life

Letters for Life distills 12 foundational and highly applicable ideas for emotional wellness from the Rebbe’s letters and yechidus – to help readers easily access them today.

For nearly half a century, people from all walks of life turned to the Rebbe for his private guidance and counsel. Whether it was hippies grappling with existential questions, adolescents struggling with friends, or leaders plagued by self-doubt, in the Rebbe they found a spiritual giant who cared about them unconditionally, and who listened to them fully and attentively.

During thousands of in-person sessions and written correspondence, the Rebbe addressed their issues and guided them out of their emotional turmoil with the light of Torah and Chassidus. Without evading their dilemmas nor relieving them of responsibility, the Rebbe taught them new perspectives, habits and practices to help them transform their state of being.

But what would he advise them? And how can a present-day reader tap into those transformative ideas to enhance their own life?

Through an extensive research project launched in 2019, a team of scholars, headed by Rabbi Levi Shmotkin, studied some 20,000 letters and maanos (brief handwritten responses) and 1,500 interviews and personal accounts, and identified core principles in the Rebbe’s guidance.

With the help of Mashpiim, professionals and literary advisors, their groundbreaking findings are now presented in the highly readable new book.

With an expressed goal that readers gain practical insight and tools for their own emotional wellness, Letters for Life weaves together excerpts from the Rebbe’s Igros and compelling stories to convey 12 recurring ideas in the Rebbe’s counseling.

“With startling clarity, boundless empathy, and timeless wisdom,” Kehot’s back cover text enthuses, “the Rebbe’s voice pierces through the noise – guiding readers toward health, hope, and healing.”

Letters for Life is being published by and Kehot Publication Society in connection with 3 Tammuz 30 years. Pre-order your copy here.

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