New Book Gives an Inside Look at the Rebbe’s Library

In a newly published, 360-page book Rabbi Berel Levine, Chief Librarian of the Rebbe’s library, gives a glimpse into his decades of work in the library and the Rebbe’s involvement, along with over 700 instructions, notes, and responses from the Rebbe.

By reporter

A newly released book opens a window into the work that went into building and maintaining the Central Chabad Library, and the Rebbe’s involvement in each detail.

Authored by Chief Librarian Rabbi Berel Levin, and published by Kehos, the work details the decades of the author’s work for the Rebbe, and the Rebbe’s answers, instructions and guidance regarding the library, publishing Torah and other subjects.

Titled ‘Avodas Hakodesh Etzel Harrabi Milubavitch’ – Holy Service by the Rebbe, it was originally published in a limited edition in 5755. A new edition, with many new and exciting additions, making for hundreds of additional pages, was just released and is available for purchase.

“After Gimmel Tammuz, I took a pause from my work in the library to review the decades that I worked for the Rebbe and the detailed guidance, advice, and answers I received in answer to my questions, covering virtually every detail of my work,” Rabbi Levine recalls.

“In the winter of 5755, I printed a small booklet containing these ma’anos and answers from the Rebbe. I did not expand on the background of each response, nor did I print much from my letters upon which the Rebbe responded. I also only included a limited number of photographs of the Rebbe’s handwritten responses,” he said.

“The booklet was printed in a limited number of copies, since its entire purpose was to distribute it to my close friends,” he added. “Twenty-eight years have passed since then, during which interest in the Rebbe’s words has only grown, and many have requested that I reprint the booklet.”

The new edition, fresh off the press, contains many ma’anos that were not included in the original edition, the text of the Rabbi Levine’s letters, and many details regarding the topics the Rebbe was writing about.

Spanning 360 pages, and with more than 700 ma’anos of the Rebbe, 500 of them with photos of the original handwritten response, the publication is a treasure of guidance from the Rebbe, and a window into decades of a unique connection.

The book is sure to sell fast, be sure to secure your copy right away.

Click here to purchase the new book.

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