New at Ten Yad – The Gift You’ve Been Waiting To Give

Send a Ten Yad prize package to someone special in your life! It is the gift that keeps on giving, with its effect felt for generations to come.

Ten means to give.

This year at Ten Yad we were looking for ways to take the giving to a whole new level.

It had to be something revolutionary, sensational, something that would change the way that we do ‘giving’; compounding it and increasing its impact.

It’s Simple. 

More giving. More Light. More Kallahs Helped.

But how?

How could we bring more people into the cycle of giving? How could we create a ripple effect that would continue on and on?

It is with much excitement that we present to you: The Ten Yad E-Gift Package.

We have put together carefully curated prize packages for you to gift to someone you love.

Imagine their surprise when the recipient of your prize package opens their email to see the notification that they have been sent this amazing gift, a contribution made in their honor to Ten Yad and the opportunity to win incredible prizes! 

Now, imagine their excitement if they win!

When you purchase a prize package for your family and friends, not only are you giving them the opportunity to win incredible prizes, you are giving them the tremendous z’chus of a contribution made to Ten Yad in their honor.

The Prize Packages Include:

The Aishes Chayil

She works tirelessly. Her value and valor is unsurpassed. She gives everything and more. Shlomo Hamelech penned a poem just for her. You recite it every Friday night. It is the perfect time to show her what a prize she really is.

The Husband 

Your other half, your pillar,  your strength. Show your profound thanks for all that he provides for you and your family. Say ‘thank you!’ with a special package filled with prizes that he is sure to enjoy!

The Shvigger.

She gave birth to your better half. For some reason the world has developed an unflattering stereotype of her. Perhaps it’s because the world wishes they had a Shvigger as amazing as yours. How often do you get to tell her Thank You? This package deal is the perfect deal in every way, scoring you more points than complimenting her chicken soup!

Teacher Appreciation 

They give their all to your children each and every day. They are invested in their success and guide them through the learning process with love and care. They deserve a standing ovation and a round of applause. After you finish clapping, purchase the Teacher Appreciation package for them as a symbol of your thanks!

A Family’s Dream

Spoil your nieces and nephews or your neighbor’s children by giving them the chance to win a package filled with items that children’s dreams are made of. 

The mega package 

The Mega package is the ultimate prize package. With one entry into every single prize option, this package is your ticket to win over $200,000 worth of prizes! 

+$600 worth of grand split tickets.

By participating in the Ten Yad auction, you are extending your hand to Kallahs in their time of need. 

Perpetuate the giving by purchasing one of our carefully curated prize packages and gifting them to family, friends and important people in your life.

To purchase your prize package visit

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