New App to Release Thousands of the Rebbe’s English Letters

This Yud Alef Nissan, the most untapped part of the Rebbe’s teachings – the Rebbe’s English letters, will finally be made accessible to all with the launch of a new app.

This Yud Alef Nissan, the most untapped part of the Rebbe’s teachings, and mostly overlooked treasure, will finally be made accessible to all.

The Rebbe Responsa project is proud to announce the launch of the Rebbe Responsa app, the first ever comprehensive database of the Rebbe’s English letters.

Long overdue, this project will tap into this priceless treasure, allowing the world to view, learn, and internalize the insight and direction these precious letters from the Rebbe contain.

On the new state-of-the-art app, users will be able to view over 5,000 letters addressing every topic imaginable. 2,000 of them are being published on the app for the first time.

The app is slated to launch in the beginning of next week, bringing this inaccessible part of the Rebbe’s Torah to thousands in time for the Rebbe’s 120th birthday.

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  1. this is amazing!
    is there any way that the letters are available for those who don’t have smartphones/apps?

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