It’s Never Too Late to Hakhel

In the past four months, we have seen a tremendous amount of activities and initiatives aimed to bring the Rebbe’s call of Hakhel to action. With just a few days to Yud Shvat, the HakhelNation office is offering resources for more Hakhel.

Four months into the year of Hakhel, we are now just days away from Yud Shvat.

In the past four months, we have seen a tremendous amount of activities and initiatives aimed to bring the Rebbe’s call of Hakhel to action. From mega-events to small gatherings, Chassidim (and even the rest of klal Yisroel) are committed to Hakhel all across the globe.

Now with just a few days to Yud Shvat, when Lubavitch will celebrate 73 years of the Rebbe’s leadership, the HakhelNation office is encouraging all those who have not yet participated to get involved and commit to Hakhel as the Rebbe famously requested in the Hakhel year of 5748 (1987/8). The card to join the Hakhel initiative can be filled out here.

Additionally, all those who have already committed to Hakhel are encouraged to put their commitment into action and to organize, host or help with a Hakhel of their own.

For the thousands around the world already fully involved in Hakhel: Keep up the great work! Now is the time to perhaps take your Hakhel to new heights.

It’s never too late to Hakhel!

“The amount of Hakhel activity we are seeing around the world is beyond incredible”, says Rabbi Chaim Piekarski, project and operations manager at HakhelNation. “It’s never too late for everyone else to jump on the bandwagon and bring Hakhel to their homes, communities, Shuls or schools”.

Please find below some of our featured resources for the month of Shevat which you can utilize to help in arranging your Hakhel gathering.

• This year’s Basi Lgani – 5783 – Basi Legani 5723-5743 –
(download and shiurim)

SIE Basi Lgani

Yud Shevat Guide

Hakhel snippets – short pieces from sichos shvat time – Hakhel related

Yud Shevat Jem Video – Yud Shevat – Special Presentation

Derher: A Nasi Emerges (for a more casual non-learning Hakhel)

● Ohr V’chom Site – (for more Yud Shvat material)

Need help arranging a Hakhel? Looking for the right resources? Have Hakhel ideas you wish to share? The HAKHEL HOTLINE is here to help you! Click below to message them or call 949 9 HAKHEL (425 435).

To keep updated on the Hakhels taking place around the globe or to submit your own picture to be featured on the international Hakhel WhatsApp status, subscribe here.

Finally, it is our fervent hope that we celebrate Yud Shvat together with our Rebbe, Kohol Gadol Yashuvu Heina.

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