Netanyahu to Shluchim: ‘You’re Our Ambassadors in the Rebbe’s Spirit’

To the tunes of Utzu Eitza and Hoshia Es Amecha, PM Bibi Netanyahu met with a delegation of campus shluchim, reaffirming his commitment to the Rebbe’s directives and encouraging them in their struggles with campus antisemitism.

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Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu met with shluchim from Eretz Yisroel and around the globe on Wednesday at the Prime Minister’s Office in Yerushalayim, in honor of 30 years since Gimmel Tammuz.

Attending the meeting alongside Netanyahu were Cabinet Secretary Yossi Fuchs, Chabad on Campus COO Rabbi Avi Weinstein, Chabad on Campus Israel Director Rabbi Moshe Shilat, and Harvard University shliach Rabbi Hirschy Zarchi, among other shluchim from various regions.

Speaking in English, Netanyahu shared his personal experience with the Rebbe, stating, “I saw the Rebbe for the first time on Simchas Torah, 42 years ago. He emphasized three things: ‘Ahavas Yisrael, defend Eretz Yisrael, and fight the lies.'”

Referencing the historical struggles of the Jewish people, Netanyahu said, “In each generation, they rise up to destroy us, but G-d will redeem us from their hands. However, we must also take action ourselves.”

Netanyahu continued, “We are combating threats in Gaza, Lebanon, and other parts of the Middle East. It’s essential to also fight the battle for public opinion, justice, and solidarity with our besieged people. We can win this war, and in fact, we are winning it, thanks to the bravery of our soldiers who are incredible heroes.”

He stressed the importance of countering slander and ending the conflict swiftly, saying, “The quicker we end this war, the sooner we can fend off the defamers.”

Netanyahu’s core message to the emissaries was resilience: “The most important message I have for you is don’t bend, don’t cower, don’t surrender—not to these antisemitic lies, not to the fear, not to the intimidation.”

He concluded by reinforcing the Rebbe’s teachings: “You are our ambassadors in the spirit of the Rebbe. The Rebbe told me, ‘You will be the ambassador of the Jewish people in the Hall of Darkness,’ referring to the United Nations. He urged me to ‘light a candle of truth, stand up against our enemies, and advocate for our people and our land.’ This message is now more critical and necessary than ever. Carry this message of truth to our people and the world.”


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  1. Why are we broadcasting a meeting of our shluchim with bibi, making it seem as if he is the one giving us strength, why are we going to someone who has consistently failed on shleimus haaretz (giving back chevron,failing to repeal Oslo, voting for the expulsion, and the subsequent years of security instability) to kevayochol give us strength??

    1. I had no idea that this was a medium for arguing Israeli politics…

      Regardless, you should know that you’re wrong on all of your points Ve’en Kan Hamakom…

      To address your main point: the video was put out by the Prime Ministers Office, they will obviously emphasize Bibi looking like the leader and main character amongst the international Chabad delegation… As we can see from the video it was really the shluchim that were being Mechazek not the other way around… (There are two clips in the beginning of the video of the shluchims speeches).

  2. Your comments are spot on.

    To clarify one point, he resigned from Sharon’s cabinet a day or two before the vote and was NOT part of that disastrous vote.

    he is the only one still around (in government) from that sad period.

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