Near Accident Leads to Unexpected Encounter on Indiana Highway

On a cross-country mission to spread the light of Chassidus across America, the Ohr Hachasidus Seforim Mobile visited frum communities in six states. A sudden tire blowout in Indiana led to an unplanned visit to two new communities.

A special team representing Ohr Hachasidus set out from Crown Heights on a cross-country mission to spread the light of Chassidus across America. The plan was to bring the Ohr Hachasidus Seforim Mobile to communities on the East Coast and Midwestern United States spanning 6 states including Maryland, Illinois and Ohio, in under a week.

Much of the time was spent in Baltimore and Chicago which was an outstanding success. Jews of Chasidish, Litvish, Sephardic, and Ashkenazi backgrounds flocked towards the truck literally wherever they went. Many were simply curious and asked questions about Chassidus. while others were decided buyers and purchased books and sets of nigunim.

After spending a few days in Chicago, they set out for Cleveland some 345 miles away. All seemed to be progressing smoothly until suddenly, on a highway in Indiana, loud noise indicated serious trouble. It felt as though the truck was falling apart. Attempts to control the brakes were futile and it seemed a crash was inevitable.

Fortunately, they managed to stop the truck safely on one of the lanes. Upon inspection, it was discovered that one of the front tires had blown out. After waiting for the police and a tow truck, they found themselves stranded in Indiana, needing to replace the entire wheel, not just the tire and its connection.

With the unexpected delay, the team was forced to stay overnight at a hotel. While there, they inquired if there were any shuls in the area, and it turns out there are two small communities there that they were completely unaware of!

Due to the very tight timeline, they had to continue as early as possible towards Cleveland. Nonetheless, they managed to set up the truck for half an hour. The Jewish community there was pleasantly surprised and flocked toward the truck. One interested customer asked about Torah Ohr and Likutei Torah and they shared with him a vort from the Chassidishe Parsha of the week about teshuvah, and he greatly enjoyed it. The whole ordeal was a clear Hashgocho Protis. Maybe the whole trip was really meant to reach those few people in the small town in Indiana. Who knows?

“All in all, The trip was an outstanding success. As I journeyed across America, from bustling cities to quiet towns, it was an experience I will never forget which illuminated the hearts and minds of many hundreds. Thousands more will be inspired by the never-ending ripple effects.” said Rabbi Avraham Mann, founder of Ohr Hachasidus. “In a world often divided by differences, our mission served as a reminder of the unifying power of spiritual wisdom and the importance of sharing the light of Chassidus”.


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