NCFJE to Hold Kaparos in Four Locations

NCFJE will be holding Kaparos for the Crown Heights community in four separate locations, including a new East Flatbush location, over the weekend leading up to Yom Kippur.

Message from the NCFJE:

Baruch Hashem the NCFJE has confirmed our East Flatbush location for this upcoming Tuesday from 3 PM-7 PM at 

305 Remsen Avenue – East Flatbush Shul 

Minhagim have always taken a special place by the Rebbe. If it was a minhag Chabad, or a minhag Yisroel, the Rebbe would speak very strongly about it. Since 1975, the NCFJE, under the leadership of Rabbi JJ Hecht, who himself was personally involved in starting this project, has worked to strengthen the minhag of Kaporos.

The proceeds of this project go to help the NCFJE continue in their work and the chickens themselves are given to Machon L’Yahadus, Yeshiva Hadar HaTorah and other families that need help for yom tov.

We would like to thank Rabbi Dovid Fisher and Mr. Morris Gad for opening their hearts and their wallets to help keep this minhag alive in our community.

Please visit for purchasing and more information!

  • NEW EAST FLATBUSH LOCATION! Tuesday, 4th Tishrei/September 19th 3PM until 7PM
  • Subsidized Kaporos: Thursday, 6th Tishrei/September 21st, 1PM – until supplies last @Bais Rivkah Parking Lot, entrance on Montgomery street.
  • Partially Subsidized Kaporos: Thursday, 6th Tishrei/September 21st, Corner of Troy and Rutland (subject to change due to weather, in such an event you will be notified) 5PM-7PM preorder online ONLY!
  • Erev Yom Kippur Kaporos: Motzei Shabbos, 8th Tishrei/September 23rd 9PM until Sunday 9th Tishrei/September 24th (until supplies last) @Bais Rivkah Parking Lot, Shechita from 10PM until 5AM
  • Erev Yom Kippur Kaporos: Motzei Shabbos, 8th Tishrei/September 23rd 9PM until Sunday 9th Tishrei/September 24th (until supplies last) @824 Eastern Parkway, Shechita from 10PM until 5:30AM

DISCLAIMER: NCFJE retains ownership of the chickens. With your donation you receive the right to use a chicken for the Kaporos ritual.

Customer Service: [email protected]

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