NCFJE to Broadcast Live Siyumim for the Nine Days

The NCFJE will once again host siyumim during the 9 days following the Rebbe’s instruction to increase in joy during this time in ways permissible according to Halacha.

As has been tradition for many years, the NCFJE will be hosting Siyumim on the radio during the 9 days. In recent years the Siyumim are also streamed live online on and on

The Rebbe requested Siyumim be done on the radio to reach a broad audience to increase in joy during this time of year in a way that is halachically permissible.

One year, when Rabbi Hecht wrote to the Rebbe that the Siyumim had been arranged the Rebbe responded:

“ויה”ר שההחלטה עדכ”ז בפ”ע – תקרב סיום הגלות ומתוך שמחה שלמה אעה”צ”

“May it be that just the resolution to do it should bring the end of exile with complete joy. Azkir al hatzion

See below for the full schedule of siyumim:

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